About IBC Tipper & Tilters

The IBC Tipper is a mechanism to maximise the dispensing of your IBC while avoiding waste, environmental and safety hazards. It requires no power and will work without any monitoring to tilt the container as it empties.

Historically, as an IBC has emptied, it has been difficult to remove the final few litres of liquid as pressure at the outlet decreases. This lead to manual lifting and other unsafe practices such as using a makeshift lever to unsafely lift the back edge of the container. The IBC Tipper provides safety by automatically adjusting the angle of the IBC as the liquid empties, ensuring that all liquid drains and health and safety practices are upheld.

Often, the liquids in IBCs may be expensive and spillage can be costly. By using an IBC Tipper you can ensure that none of the liquid is lost and you get maximum yield from all of your IBCs.

An IBC Tipper alarm can be fitted to notify you when the container is ready to be changed, so processes can be streamlined.

Our IBC Tippers are produced to the highest standards, and we are constantly improving the design to ensure strength and durability. Available in painted, powder coated, galvansied and stainless finishes, the Tipper is suitable for use in all areas of manufacturing. A matching bund tank and drip tray can be provided to further improve safety and loss of materials.


Placing and IBC on a tipper is as easy as placing it on the floor

Any standard IBC can be loaded onto the IBC Tipper as easily as it could be placed on the floor. It can be unloaded just as easily.

Our IBC tipper tilts the IBC to allow all contents to be dispensed

The mechanism automatically tilts the IBC forward ensuring good pressure at the tap until little liquid remains.

The IBC tipper can be modified to make it easy to move around

The IBC Tipper can be fitted with short legs and fork supports or swivel castors with brakes so IBCs can be moved conveniently.

IBC tippers can tilt IBCs placed on the floor

The IBC Tipper can be placed directly on the floor, …

IBC tippers can tilt and IBC placed on a Bund

…on a bund tank, or…

IBC Tippers can come with a purpose built dispensing stand

…on a purpose built stand for dispensing.

Be environmentally friendly, ensuring no contents of an IBC are lost

Avoid adverse environmental effects by ensuring all chemicals are used and not lost. No liquid from the IBC will go to waste.

A Tipper has health and safety benefits too

Avoid health and safety issues that arise from makeshift tipping solutions such as wooden blocks or misused pallet trucks.

IBCs from tippers can be recycled just as easily

IBC recycling companies have been consulted in the development of the IBC Tipper and will remove IBCs from the device without question.