IBC Tipper Rental

Call for Price

We are now able to offer our IBC Tippers on a rental or payment plan basis, incorporating a free trial month.

An initial deposit of £100.00 per tipper is taken along with £60.00 UK delivery. The initial month is free, after which you may return the tipper at your own cost, buy the tipper at list price or rent the tipper for 24 monthly payments, after which the tipper will be yours to keep.

This offer is available to the UK only. Other countries will be subject to an increased delivery charge – please enquire.

Tippers remain the property of IBT Tippers Ltd. until either paid for in full after 1 month, or the 24 month payment plan has been completed.

Payment is taken by Stripe on the initial payment card for the original order. If these card details change you must update us.


Tilt Angle

Please select the tilt angle for your IBC Tipper. We recommend 5 degrees as standard and 8-10 degrees for more viscous liquids. If you are unsure, please contact us. Please note: At 8 degrees or above it can be difficult to load and unload the tipper from the side.

Side Skirts

The tipper can be fitted with either a concertina PVC skirt or hard plastic wrap-around skirts if required.

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About the IBC Tipper Unit

The IBC Tipper is a mechanism to maximise the dispensing of your IBC while avoiding waste, environmental and safety hazards. It can be used on it’s own or can be customised with options as shown below.

The IBC Tipper works by tilting the IBC as it’s contents are used, thereby increasing pressure at the tap and allowing more liquid access to flow out. Depending on the value of the liquid, this could redeem significant losses through waste quickly, and with little fuss. You can use the calculator on our homepage to work out how much you could save.

Quick Questions

How much is shipping and when can I expect delivery?

Postage to the Mainland UK costs a flat rate of £60.00, regardless of order quantity. We manufacture Tippers to order and turnaround time is usually within 10 days (please allow 14 days including delivery).

International postage is available and we have shipped IBC Tippers all over the world. You can contact us for a shipping quote either before or after you have placed an order.

Will the IBC Tipper empty my IBC completely?

This is dependent on the viscosity of the liquid being drained and the shape of the IBC at the outlet. There may still some leftover liquid, but it will usually be significantly less than if an IBC Tipper had not been used.

Is an IBC on a stand with castors safe to move?

Yes, the combination of castors and stand have been carefully designed to allow for the movement of a full IBC without the need for a forklift truck. This is subject to the surface across which it is being moved being suitable.

Are the optional castors lockable?

As standard we produce the units with two lockable castors and two free castors. If you have specific requirements, we can tailor the IBC Tipper to them.

Would it be possible to test your tipper with our liquid?

Please contact us - we can usually arrange for a trial unit to be supplied to prove that a Tipper is suitable for use with your liquids.

Does the IBC Tipper have a CE Marking (CE Mark)?

Yes, the IBC Tipper complies with all essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation, and therefore holds a CE marking. Each IBC Tipper has a small sticker with the CE Mark on.

What is the tilt angle of an empty tipper?

The tipper sits at 5 degrees of tilt as standard. We can also provide them at 8 degrees of tilt but this makes it difficult to load from the side.

Can the Tipper tilt at a steeper angle?

Yes, we can include a second frame to double the height of the springs making the tipper tilt up to 15 degrees. This makes the frame 60mm taller when flat but makes it difficult to load from the side (it is still easy to front load). Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Options for your IBC Tipper

IBC Tipper Stand


A stand designed to hold a standard IBC to give an outlet height of approx. 90cm so a dispensing pump can be mounted below. All stands are now designed to be moveable via a pallet truck.

IBC Tipper Fork Lift Legs and Attachments

150mm Legs with Fork Supports

To allow the IBC to be moved around with the tipper attached, we provide a set of short legs that allow fork lift forks to slide under with ease. Chains clip around the fork to secure the IBC during movement.

IBC Tipper Castors


Heavy duty castors attach to the bottom of the Tipper unit, allowing it to be used as a trolley on which the IBC can be moved around freely.

Additional information


Steel, Stainless Steel

Tilt Angle

5 degrees (standard), 8 degrees, 10 Degrees

Protective PVC Concertina Skirts

Yes, No